Events: New Issue Released!


The issue No. 3 of Vol. 2017 has been published. The following topics are covered in this issue:

  • Performance Assessment of Double Skin Façade in Optimizing Building Energy Consumption (Case Study in Shiraz)
  • Revising the Principles of Designing Based on Promoting Social Interactions (Case Study: Designing a Religious-Complex)
  • Evaluation of the Quality of Life in Urban Texture with Rural Core Case Study: Naimeabad Neighborhood, Yazd, Iran
  • Crisis Management in the Persepolis World Heritage Complex (A Case Study about Drought)

  • A Comparative Analysis of Decorative Motifs of Seyed Shams-o-ddin Tomb in Yazd and the Soltanieh Dome in Zanjan, Iran

  • Application of Laser in Production of Textiles Using Abstract Patterns

Posted: 2018-01-03

News: Issue 1, Volume 2017 Released!


The new issue of volume 2 of IJAPAS has been published. The following topics are covered in this issue:

  • Typology Architecture of the Stone Caravanserais of the Seljuk Period in
    Qom Province
  • The Role of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque’s Buttress in Prevention of its Thrust
    and Reasons for its Re-thrust
  • Implementing Non-Repetitive Designs on Upholstery Fabrics
  • “Giveh” Handicraft in Iran: An Anthropological Study Approach
  • The Effects of Instructional Technology and Media on the Painting Skill of
    Special Kids
  • Investigating the Reasons for the Growth of Mural Paintings of Merchants’
    Houses in Yazd in the Qajar Era Based on the Constructed Model of
    Durability Process of Symbolic Capital

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Events: Call for Paper



The scholars, researchers and artists are invited to submit their articles through our online submission system.

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