Combining Traditional and Modern Art to make Fabric using Poly Vinyl Alcohol Material

Atefeh Dadkhah Tirani, Abolfazl Davodiroknabadi, Salar Zohoori


Art in a broader sense refers to an activity that is spontaneous and self-restrained. Over many years, traditional art has represented its concepts with motifs and colors, which reflects the consistency and harmony with nature. On the other hand, there is modern art, which refers to trends of artistic improvement and modernism being affected by recent thoughts, and one wonders whether traditional art may fade away with the presence of new ideas and thoughts. Therefore, considering both traditional and modern art, one of the strategies that represent significance and prevent the decline of any one will be combination of the two arts, to harmonize with nature along with novelty and modernism.

In this regard, traditional colors and patterns were used in the present study in order to design textile with the combination of modern art, since the art of making fabric has been accompanied with creativity and innovation. Therefore, Poly Vinyl Alcohol material has been used with the feature of being soluble in water instead of ordinary cloth.


traditional art, modern art, making fabric, PVA textile

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