Design of fabric accessories for beauty parlor

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Mina Asori
Shahnaz Nayebzadeh
Seyedjavad Derakhshan


Beauty parlor and hairdressing tools are one of the things that fabric designers have paid less attention to it. The design of fabric packages for beauty parlor has been considered in form and color as well as hygienically in this thesis. This thesis has attempted to present and design hairdresser packaging from two perspectives, namely the principle of design as well as the use of antibacterial property, and has provided numerous examples of this fabric. In this thesis, silver and copper nano-particles have been used to complement hairdressing packaging to improve consumer health.  On the other hand, color science and design principles were also used to improve the mental health of consumers, and eventually packages with such properties were designed. The offered textile packs contain nano-materials that create antibacterial properties when contacted with hairdressers and on the other hand, we have tried to play an important role in this design by applying the principles and rules of design and using the concept of hairdressing tools and accessories.


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Asori, M., Nayebzadeh, S., & Derakhshan, S. (2020). Design of fabric accessories for beauty parlor. International Journal of Applied Arts Studies (IJAPAS), 5(1), 91-101. Retrieved from