Effective Parameters on Post-Disaster Temporary Housing Design in Rural Settlements Post-Disaster Temporary Housing Design

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Alireza Fallahi


Provision of temporary housing for victims and survivors of a disaster is one of the most important issues in disaster management process. The purpose of this study was to identify the parameters affecting the post-disaster temporary housing design in rural settlements by reviewing the theoretical literature over previous experiences. Based on the findings, the effective parameters were: "Standards of dimensions and housing size with a minimum occupancy level"; "Durability and useful life of the proposed structure and details"; "Optimal construction costs such as components and materials"; "Structural strength"; "Ease of production and possibility of using prefabricated constructs"; "Possibility of building using vernacular-local details"; "Ease of transferability (size and weight)"; "Possibility of storage and maintenance in minimum space"; "Multiple applications and reusability"; "Simplicity and ease of installation, establishment, assembly, and repair"; "Familiarity of the local-vernacular people with the applied structural form"; " Possibility of using local-vernacular people in establishing the settlement"; "Adaptation to the local, social, and cultural characteristics of the context (providing a private environment)"; "Taking into account the physical condition and needs of special people (children, women, and injured people)"; "Flexibility in arrangement and location in different geological and environmental situations"; "Flexibility in lay-out and arrangement in indoor spaces according to the users' needs"; "Possibility of using local people to build and set up"; "Applying safety tips"; "Providing thermal comfort"; "Energy consumption"; and "Adaptation to the micro-climate conditions of the region". The findings of this study can be considered by experts, planners, and policy makers in the field of architectural design and temporary housing.


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