Tall Buildings Preliminary Designing Criteria for Architects

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Milad Rezazadeh
Mahsa Rezazadeh
Parisa Zendehdel


Tall buildings, according to the progress of human societies are increasing dramatically in different parts of the world. The point that distinguish a high-rise building from the other ones is the prominent role of structure in the tower design. So, the structure in the design process and architectural final design not only heading its main task, means bearing and transmission forces, but also accepts other roles to cover other design criteria including aesthetics, energy and etc. The reason for combination of these roles is in a high-rise building due to the reduction of the weight of the building in order to bear lateral and gravity forces, structure must accepts multiple roles to reduce additional elements. In this paper, by studying effective measures in designing of tall buildings and identifying the characteristics of each one, suggestions are offered towards appropriate integration of these measures in order to design a high-rise building. These suggestions can help architects at the beginning of the way of designing a tower. In fact, considering these measures lead to create options that other design teams (like structural team) will not face the great problems in the rest of the way.


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Rezazadeh, M., Rezazadeh, M., & Zendehdel, P. (2021). Tall Buildings Preliminary Designing Criteria for Architects. International Journal of Applied Arts Studies (IJAPAS), 6(2), 27-44. Retrieved from http://ijapas.org/index.php/ijapas/article/view/313
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Mahsa Rezazadeh, Assistant professor

PhD in Architecture. Assistant professor at Toos Higher Education Institute