Designing the Beekeepers' Clothes with the ability to Repel Insects

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Salar Zohoori
Samira Tajiki
Abolfazl Davodiroknabadi


In this research, insect repellent fabric (bee) was produced and with this fabric the beekeepers' clothes were designed. Therefore, a fabric has been designed and produced so that the bee does not come in connect with the beekeeper from a distance so that it cannot bite. In the theoretical section of this article, initially, types of fabrics were examined. After selecting the type of fabric that should have the cooling property, the different types of beekeepers' clothes were studied. In this regard, research and study has been done on the repellents that can be used in this article. Then, the process of practical work and production of repellent fabrics was done and the repellent fabrics were produced by using diethyltoluamide in combination with the fabric. Finally, with the findings obtained regarding the efficiency and use of the relevant clothing, the initial plans related to them were performed, and after the approval of the final designs, the Marulus program was used to implement them. Also, the design execution was analyzed.


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Zohoori, S., Tajiki, S., & Davodiroknabadi, A. (2021). Designing the Beekeepers’ Clothes with the ability to Repel Insects. International Journal of Applied Arts Studies (IJAPAS), 6(2), 65-70. Retrieved from
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Salar Zohoori, Islamic Azad University, Yazd Branch

Instructor, Faculty of Art and Architecture