Retrieving the Concepts of Persian Garden in the Content of Contemporary Iranian Painting

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Azadeh Sahebzamani
Mohammadreza Bagher Lori


contemporary paintings are abundantly brought up with combination of various images of Iranian Gardens in order to describe identity and culture of Iran, because these paintings have important role in retrieving and recognizing Iranian identity , culture and history,   and also have a very long-lasting record , because of which  there exists a need for studying.  Contemporary paintings , all inherited  from   Iranian Garden design, embed presentation of  plans, animals and architecture , as matters of identity and culture of our country, can help to make   better recognition and revival of past culture and older Iranian identity. Gardens have had very important  place since old days in Iranian culture and civilization and have been counted as one of fundamental concepts of social, cultural and natural discourse    of this land , Still  presented in Iranian literature ,architecture and painting in different forms, in a way that these days’ painters pay special attention to     outcome concepts  of Iranian Gardens. The main purpose of this work is recognizing and retrieving  the concepts of Iranian garden in   content of contemporary Iranian painting. At the  time being, study conclusions show that it  is possible to  retrieve the concepts of the Iranian garden by means of  analyzing and demonstrating the content of landscape  drawing drawn by contemporary painters, specially construction type,  Rhythm, symmetry, and coloring used in these works  .


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Sahebzamani, A., & Bagher Lori, M. (2021). Retrieving the Concepts of Persian Garden in the Content of Contemporary Iranian Painting. International Journal of Applied Arts Studies (IJAPAS), 6(2), 55-64. Retrieved from
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Mohammadreza Bagher Lori

Department of Art Research , Yazd Branch, Islamic Azad University, Yazd, Iran